Emergency Services


After a fire, the restoration works should only be carried out effectively by the professionals. There are many different types of fires which produce different types of residue and require specialist restoration. Speed is of the essence as soot is an acid and needs to be neutralized as soon as possible. For instance if after a fire soot is left on a UPVC window and not removed or neutralized as soon as possible, the soot would stain and pit the frames beyond economical repair. The fast response of Tengri Property Services ensures the first steps to stopping secondary damage are put into place immediately.

Tengri Property Services will dispatch one of our Fire Restoration team once a call has been made. Upon arrival a full survey is carried out. When the survey has been completed the remedial works will begin which will include the removal and disposal of all affected items. As soon as these works are complete the smoke de-contamination works can be carried out on the building.

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Water damage to a building can be caused by an array of different reasons, from a burst water tank or leaky pipe to local flooding. As soon as Tengri receives a call from our client, our office dispatches one of our friendly, experienced flood restoration technicians immediately.

Upon arrival our technician carries out a full site survey to evaluate the damage. This includes an in depth inspection of the affected areas within the property. After the initial survey a tailored drying plan for the property will be put together to ascertain the perfect drying conditions. First and foremost the key to dealing with any flood is to remove the standing water as soon as possible to prevent secondary damage. We have our own fleet of liquid Vacuumation Units with the capability of removing between three and twenty tons of liquid at any one time. After the excess water has been removed the next step is to start the remediation works, which would include the removal of all affected materials carpets, skirting boards, plasterboard etc. Once this is completed we would put the drying plan into operation. The installation of dehumidifiers and fans are placed in position and the drying process will begin.

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