After Sale

If you have purchased your property as a holiday home for your own use or to rent out, the chances are you will need someone to look after it while you are not there to do so.
Tengri Real Estate offers a wide range of services designed to give property owners peace of mind that their property and guests will be cared for as the owners would want.
Please have a look at the information provided below. We think you will be surprised at what we offer for a very reasonable price. If any of the services on offer are of interest please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you or visit you when you are next in our area, to discuss further.
To make your life easier we have already put together a competitive property management package which covers all your basic management needs and more. These are a combination of the most popular management services offered by Tengri Real Estate.

Tengri Property Management Package


(Approx. £42 per month or £9.60 per week)

1. Key holding

We hold a minimum of 2 sets of keys to your property in our safe, making us your local point of contact for you or your clients in case of emergency or for any contractors should they need access to your property.

2. Security check - every 15 days when unoccupied

We thoroughly examine the whole exterior of your property, windows, doors, storage cupboards etc. to check for any signs of damage or break in.

3. Airing of the property - every 15 days when unoccupied

It is important if your property is unoccupied for any length of time to circulate the air to minimize any condensation and damp build up. We will open shutters and windows to air your property, flush toilets, run taps and showers to clear any stagnant water.

We will make sure that your Turkish property is clean and tidy, testing appliances to make sure all are in working order - gas, electricity, security systems if applicable.

4. Examine all furniture & furnishings for wear & tear or damages.

5. Property inspection (every 15 days)/Property Reports - monthly.

We will visit your property every 15 days, making a thorough inspection inside and out to ensure your property is in good order. These inspections will be followed up by monthly reports and digital photos emailed to you. If any problems within the property arise and may need work we will assess this and forward all the information to you with a quote if necessary.

Log books are held for each property.

6. Arrange contractors as required.

We will advise you of any maintenance or repair work which will need to be undertaken and provide you with repair quotes. On your approval we will arrange and will be happy to oversee these on your behalf and make regular updates via email.

7. Monthly mail collection and forward if necessary

Your mail in Turkey will be collected and forwarded on to you if necessary at regular intervals.

8. Arrange earthquake, comprehensive buildings and contents insurance.

In Turkey there is a legal obligation to insure your home against earthquakes. This insurance is called 'DASK'. We will arrange fully comprehensive household and earthquake insurance, ensuring you get competitive rates. (There will be an additional cost only for the insurance itself, not for our service)

9. Spring clean of the property. At the beginning of the rental season, normally undertaken in May (or you can chose). This service will involve a comprehensive clean of the whole property, including checking electrical goods, lights and toilet flush. Lights, fans, windows and the outside of the property - terraces, patios etc. will be hosed down.

10. Opening and closing of property at beginning and end of season.

It is important to ensure that your property is fully functioning so that you and any of your guests have a hassle free stay and also to ensure that all appliances are switched off to avoid any unnecessary bills over the winter period.

11. Payment of bills (e.g. utility bills, water, electric, site fees)

We ensure all bills associated with you home ownership are reliably paid on time.

12. Payment of taxes

Payment of property and environment taxes (we will require a float of £100 and a TL bank account)

13. Representation and assistance provided at any site meetings, residents conferences when required (1 per year, additional charged at £12ph)

Site or residents meetings may not often be at times convenient for yourselves to come over to Turkey but it doesn't mean that you don't want to know what's going on. On your request we will attend these meetings on your behalf, voice any of your requests and update you on the meeting.

14. Help open bank accounts and organize direct debits.

Open bank accounts and organizing direct debit payments for electric, telephone and satellite etc.

(We will require a £100 float to settle expenses)