Property Insurance

Dask Insurance in Turkey  (The Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool TCIP / Earthquake Insurance)   

Please note:  Dask only covers the “bare bones” or rebuild cost.

Dask is a compulsory earthquake cover which all home owners are required to have by law issued by the Turkish Government to provide cover for properties in Turkey.

The cost of the policy is determined by the area of the property, the type of construction i.e wood, stone, concrete and if or not your home resides within an earthquake risk area. 

Building Insurance in Turkey

This is the cost to re-build your property and not the market sale.

To gain a re-build value you need to understand the square metre of the property which should be on your tapu (title deed).

A reputable architect or your chosen insurance company will provide you with a cost per metre to re-build the property based on your properties square meterage.

Understand the square metre, times it by the re-build per metre cost, you now have the value of your property to insure.

Content Insurance in Turkey

We advise all our clients to quire appropriate cover for their property.  Turkey is not unlike any other country at risk of burglary, damage, theft or breakage.  Create a list of ALL the contents you wish to be insured, including Furniture, Beds, Electrical equipment, Bedding, Clothes, Outdoor furniture, Jewellery, Sun Beds, Passports, Cash, Mobile Phones, Notepads, Laptops, Kitchen Freezer, Lost Keys, Accidental Damage etc.

Please check with your insurance company about excess payment for each claim you make.